Several years ago, Ariel Warner set up Energy Arts
Services in order to provide a ‘ground to roof’ energetic clearing service. This clearing process harmonises geopathic stress in the ground beneath
a building, clears the energy in all rooms within that building, and works to clear the energy of those people living or working in that building.

Because of our ability to clear from a distance, we have been able to work on projects all over the world. We’ve cleared private houses, health clinics, schools and shops, office buildings, farms, and other sites including a bakery, a former monastery, and a shipyard.

Over time, the service has grown to include large-scale Earth Energy Clearing. Places with a higher frequency are kinder, safer places in which to live.
And by raising the frequency of place, this work makes it much easier to solve the challenges faced by distressed neighbourhoods, towns or cities.

One particular aspect of Earth Energy Clearing that excites us greatly involves working with aid workers, local government and charitable trusts. Simply put, we help the people who --in turn-- are helping whole populations affected by trauma, genocide, poverty and natural disasters. By helping those who help others, the potential for healing on a much larger scale becomes possible.

For more information about Earth Energy Clearing and how it works, please refer to the ‘Clearing for Land’ page on this website.


ariel warner

About Ariel Warner

How quality of place can so strongly influence who and how we are is a never-ending source of fascination for Ariel Warner. A practitioner of energy arts since 1992, Ariel has worked all over the world.

She makes her home in the U.K., but since 2001, she’s spent a good part of each year as a volunteer medium at the Casa de Dom Ignacio in Brazil, a spiritual hospital run by the world- famous healer known as Joao de Deus, or John of God. During the sessions there, she works to clear the energy of the Casa surgery rooms. Ariel still returns to the Casa when work allows, as the spiritual training she receives there is immeasurably crucial to her work.

Her adventures with Energy Arts Services has given her much joy. The clearing work allows her to witness the healing of people and land…which,
in her opinion, makes it the best job in the world!

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