This work clears and harmonises the energy of large areas of land. It also clears the energy in the land directly below a building, clears the energy in all the rooms of that building, and clears the energy of those people occupying that building. The combined modalities of the Space Clearing, Energy Body Healing and Earth Energy Clearing are done from a distance using maps and the information you provide.

The first thing we need to do is discuss your concerns about the property. This can be done either by email or phone. Then, if you’d like to know more about the work and the cost involved, please send the following information:

An aerial view of the property, using either Google Maps or Google Earth. Please include a detailed description of your property in order to pinpoint the exact site. Please include a full street address.
If the land to be cleared has no building and no actual address, please include an aerial view and outline the land in question.

A very simple floor plan. This can be either architect’s plans or just a very basic hand drawing. Do not include furniture—only windows, walls and doors, labelling the rooms as to their use
 (i.e. ‘kitchen’ or ‘bedroom’). Remember to include every room on every floor, all crawl spaces, attics or cellars.

Any occupant of the building who would like to receive healing during the work should include their names and birthdates. We are also happy to work on your animals.

Even after we ‘ve received the information and discussed the job with you, there is still no obligation to proceed until you choose to commit to the work.

The Work
Once the location has been identified and terms agreed, we then put together a map of your property and begin the work.

Whether the land to be cleared is a small plot, or an area covering several square miles, the clearing process will include an area somewhat beyond the perimeters of your property. This is because all earth energy features--whether they be vortices, portals, or potential lines –are connected to one another in a gigantic network. Consequently, the energy of one place affects the place next to it.

So, in order to allow the most beneficial energy to flourish in your property, we must clear the land around it. The additional cleared area will not be huge, but it will certainly exceed the boundaries of your property.

During the job, the people who live or work on the property are invited to have healing work on their energy bodies. (The energy body is an invisible layer of energy that surrounds the outside of the physical body). Our energy bodies are much affected by the state of the buildings we live in, and by geopathic stress in the ground beneath us. To receive Energy Body Healing, simply include your name and birthdate.
This healing is entirely optional-- however, it does help some people feel more comfortable while the clearing work is in progress.

After the job is finished, you will receive one or two maps of your property, with a detailed explanation of all the energy features and their function. The maps show the previous energy of your property and what has since been harmonised by the clearing work. All maps and letters will be sent by email. If the map is too large to be sent by scanner, we will post you a copy of the original. Any questions or feedback regarding the work are welcome!

So, in short, here are the steps of the process:

Initial discussion
Pinpointing the exact site
Floor plans
Names & birthdates
Fee details
Work starts
Maps received
Post- clearing feedback

Because a clearing job can range from a small house to an office building--or a garden plot to an area measured in square miles, it’s not really possible to have a list of standardised fees. Each property is unique, which is why we need to have the initial information to assess how much work the job will require.

The work will begin once we have received your payment. The amount charged is always a flat fee, which, once quoted, never varies, no matter how long the job may take. Fees for this work start at £350 (U.K pounds) and beyond, depending on the size of the property and length of the work required. Payment can be made using PayPal or bank transfers.  All fees are to be paid in U.K. pounds. Thank you!

Contact details
To send an email:

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