What is Earth Energy Clearing?

It’s a process that harmonises the energy in large areas of land. The clearing is done on a map, usually at a distance from the site. The energy is tracked, evaluated and then cleared by raising the geomagnetic frequency of place.

What is ‘frequency of place’?

Frequency of place is the technical term for what’s commonly known as ‘vibes’. It’s actually what makes a location feel the way it does. The higher the frequency of a place, the easier it is to create positive change.

How does land need help?

The earth has many underground geomagnetic features, all of which work together in a gigantic network. These features can sometimes get sorely out of whack, and when they do, they cause the features around them to either work too hard or not at all. This can cause serious imbalances in the energy of the land, which in turn affects the health and behaviour of humans, animals and plant life. The term for this sort of disturbance is called ‘geopathic stress’.


What is Geopathic stress?

Geopathic Stress is caused by geomagnetic anomalies that occur deep in the ground. The frequencies they give off are at odds with the magnetic fields surrounding our own bodies, and can seriously undermine our mental and physical health.
Geopathic stress was discovered in the1920s, and has been the focus of extensive research in Germany, Austria and much of Eastern Europe. In 1985, Dr Veronika Carsten published a study documenting the cases of 700 cancer patients from all over the world. The study reports that all of these patients made a full recovery after being moved from their geopathically-stressed sleeping areas to alternate sleeping areas with no geopathic stress. today in Germany, no new building is recommended on geopathically-stressed sites until the condition has been rectified.


What is it that actually changes after Earth Energy Clearing?

The first change people tend to notice after a clear is a difference in their plants and animals.
Pets sometimes change where they like to sleep.   Domestic and farm animals can experience shifts in attitude: in one case, soon after the clearing work, a previously warring cat and dog began curling up together in the same basket at night. Clearing geopathic stress is especially useful for those stabled animals whom exhibit nervous or aggressive behaviour in their stalls.
Earth Energy Clearing also helps house plants, gardens and farmland thrive, often initiating spectacular plant growth.

What sort of changes occur for people whose houses and land have been cleared?

Gradually, attitudes begin to soften. Compassion and understanding begin to seep into the way we perceive our circumstances. Over time, we may notice positive changes in our immune systems, stress levels and sleep patterns. When these improve, often our tolerance of others tends to improve as well.
And when we start looking at circumstances differently, we are able come up with new and innovative solutions to old problems. Its as if we are given enough peace and space to truly transform that which we wish to change.

Post- Earth Energy Clearing: Case Examples  

In Canada: a 350-acre farm with a history of failed crops is now so energetically balanced that part of the land is used to grow roses for organic essential oils.

In Hawaii: A neighbourhood hosting an annual 4th
of July street festival had their event spoiled by violent incidents. Since the neighbourhood was cleared, local families have felt safe enough to attend and the festivities have been peaceful.

In New Zealand: Part of a city with a widespread drug problem had drug dealers moving out of the area within days of Earth Energy Clearing. The dealers were not asked to leave…they simply left of their ‘own accord’.

Several clients have reported seeing a greater variety of birds and wildlife on their land since having Earth Energy Clearing. In one instance, birds were spotted on a client’s property that had not been seen in the area for well over fifty years.

In Peru: In 2009, a centre for street kids lost most of its funding. Chiclayo is a city wracked with violence, poverty and drug problems. The centre was helping 75 children, but its lack of money was making its future look uncertain.
The Centre and its surrounding streets received Earth Energy Clearing in December. The following describes what happened next:
Immediately after the clear, a sponsor stepped forward to give the children a Christmas party.
In the New Year, local government agreed to partial funding. Money from the national government followed quickly.  Soon, international funding began to pour in, with the majority of the funds coming from Spain.
A few months later, the Chiclayo Centre became a member of an international Educational exchange program.
More recently, the Centre was given a large tract of land for their exclusive use!
Here, in her own words, is one of the Centre’s directors describing the changes that have happened since the clearing work was done:
“There was an immediate change as we began the New Year. There was almost a complete change of staff—many needed to be let go--which was difficult, but for the best. Our new staff have very positive and enthusiastic energy.”
“We have noticed a huge improvement in the parent’s attitude and willingness to participate in the programs organised by the Centre. They are working more closely with the children and interacting in ways they had not been doing before the clearing work was done.”
“Donations of all kinds have increased--especially from new sources—despite global economic conditions!”
“Our large-scale projects continue to move ahead and the children are happier and more satisfied.
The overall energy of the Centre is much clearer, transparent and fluid. There is a very ‘clean’ feeling that is so positive in the Centre! We are very excited about our future and the direction in which we are headed.”


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