"In an area of practice overburdened with an incredible amount of nonsense, Ariel Warner is the perfect antidote. I can think of no other energy clearing practitioner more likely to make a correct diagnosis, or follow through with more diligence than she. Almost two decades of continuous world-wide employment confirms Ariel Warner as the expert's expert!"
Jane Butler-Biggs
Bestselling author of The Feng Shui Directory
Feng Shui in 10 Simple Lessons
Feng Shui Fusion: A seasonal Guide to Good Energy

Ariel Warner’s work is invaluable. I’ve observed the effects of her work on people, on buildings, on large properties and even countries. She works with an army of energies that assist in clearing on a profound level, catalysing far-reaching changes on locations and their inhabitants.
Ariel is both scrupulous and meticulous in her work. She will do an excellent job, and-- with her unique verve--- will communicate articulately about the work done and ensure that your space is cleared beautifully. Expect profound changes in your life and your property if you call in this expert.
N. Horii, Los Angeles

I live in the Vale of Pewsey, in Wiltshire , England. Near my house is an ancient wood that was a hideout for criminals for many centuries. It was well known in the Vale for its frightening atmosphere. You would never hear any birds singing there, and it always felt menacing, cold and dark.
In 2010, Ariel Warner worked on the land. Three weeks after the clearing, we visited the wood again and found a warm, serene atmosphere….and the birds were singing their heads off!
B. McEnany, Wiltshire

Ariel’s work created an immediate and profound shift not only in my home, but in my consciousness and in my life. She explained that the effects of work would probably be subtle and increase over time…
however, my experience was immediate, deeply transformative and liberating!
A long-standing lethargy lifted and I noticed an increase in clarity, focus and the ability to implement the right actions, It was incredible how different I felt within days of the work being done. It has deepened my understanding of our connection to the earth and brought me greater awareness of the resonance of the land.
On a professional note, I often recommend her work to my own clients as it greatly compliments and enhances their overall healing experience. I have noted time and time again a profound shift and acceleration in people’s health and wellness when we combine Ariel’s land clearing with personalized healing work.
Dr. Danielle Brooks

“Ariel Warner has cleared my office, my husband’s business and two of our houses.
The work has made a huge impact on our guests, our employees, our pets and on us!
We feel calm yet energized and all our surroundings feel much happier.”
E. Meyer, Newport Rhode Island, USA

 "I have a pousada  [an inn] in Abadiania, Brazil, a few minutes walk from the Casa de Dom Inacio, a Spiritist healing center visited by people from all over the world.
I had Ariel clear both our pousada and house. As a result of her work, we have had even more guests, whom often comment about the amazing calm and lightness they feel at the pousada and our house.
It is more than two years since the work has been done, and there seems to be an on-going energetic cleansing in the pousada—almost like a revolving door—where disturbing energies are escorted out, rather than hanging around the guests or in the pousada rooms. 
Our guests continue to experience enhanced healing on profoundly deep levels, which I attribute in part to her work. Thank you, Ariel, for your courage, clarity, heart and wisdom and performing your work with love!"
C. Tucker
Pousada Luz Divina
Abadiania, Brazil

Ariel Warner first cleared my house and the neighbourhood where I live in late May of 2010.
I live in a poor area in a town in central Brazil.

Right after the clearing work, my abusive, violent neighbour across the street just upped and moved away, soon to be replaced by a lovely friendly family.
My next- door neighbours, who had always been terribly poor, were suddenly able to make ends meet, when the father finally found a new job.
Many positive changes also began to happen in the houses down my street….but the most noticeable difference in the neighbourhood was the kind we cannot see with our eyes!

After Ariel cleared the nearby cemetery, the brick factory and the public soccer field, the whole area has a brighter fresher feel to it. I know it might sound strange—(especially describing a cemetery!) but the whole place feels really happy! And personally, I am adhering to new, healthier regimes that I was too tired to do before the clearing work. I’m also noticing changes in my consciousness. Thank you, Ariel and crew!
A. Ben-Elyon, Goias, Brazil

Brian Viner writing in The Independent, Wednesday, 14 June 2006
For roughly the past 38 of my 44 years I have been an implacable and unyielding non-believer in ghosts, ghouls, phantoms, banshees and poltergeists, with a commensurate mistrust of those who do believe in any of the above. But two things have happened to shake my non-faith, neither of which, you will be disappointed to learn, have anything to do with a headless coachman driving a coach and four horses through my bedroom wall at four in the morning.

The first thing that happened was an edition of Parkinson a year or so ago featuring Joanna Lumley, a woman for whom I have the greatest admiration, who told a riveting story about a house she and her husband bought in Kent.

Apparently the vibes in the building were not good, and when she was in the cellar one day she felt an other-worldly presence followed by a rasping voice, which said, unequivocally: "Leave this place". As I recall, they duly sold up. I can't say I blame them. Now, obviously Miss Lumley is a consummate actress, and I for one would cheerfully listen to her reading a railway timetable, so her ghost stories are bound to be irresistible.

But it certainly didn't seem as though she was making it up. And since then we have become friendly with a couple called Ben and Penny, charming and thoroughly grounded people who live with their five children in a lovely, rambling house about eight miles from here. Neither of them is the slightest bit flaky, yet they have assured me that soon after they moved into their house a few years ago, strange things started happening in a former scullery that the previous occupants had converted into a family room, and in the spare bedroom above it, a part of the building that dates from the 16th century.

On several occasions, occasionally in front of the children, screwed-in light bulbs mysteriously detached themselves and shot across the room. Frequently, the television turned itself on. And once, when a friend of theirs was staying in the spare room, she woke up to find something lying on top of her.

It wasn't Ben, I hasten to add, but what she described - once she had calmed down - as "an energy". So Ben and Penny called Ariel Warner, an American woman originally from New England who now lives in Ludlow and describes herself as "a space-clearer". The vulgar term, she adds, is ghost-buster. And she appears to have done some effective busting at Ben and Penny's, for since she spent an afternoon there, their light bulbs have stayed put, the television has behaved, and overnight guests have slept sweetly. Last week I called Ariel and asked her to tell me more. I admitted my scepticism, but that didn't faze her in the slightest.

She told me about a woman in north Wales who had engaged her because she felt a malevolent presence in her house, which was in a 1950s cul-de-sac. Homes don't have to be centuries old to have ghosts, apparently. Anyway, this woman, whose eldest son had died in a motorbike accident, found that there had been only two previous owners of the property, and that in each case an eldest son had died. She now wanted to sell the house but did not
want to pass on this apparent curse.

"So she called me," said Ariel, "and picked me up from the station. She'd had a priest in the year before to bless the place, but the joint was still jumping. When we got there the CD player was on full blast, and she said it definitely hadn't been on when she left. Moreover, the CD that was playing was her son's favourite, Metallica. But there wasn't only her son's presence there.

"There were others, not nice at all. It took me pretty much all day (to get rid of them), and about six months later she called me and said that nothing had happened since, and she was now ready to put her house on the market."

I listened to all this, agog, and then Ariel suggested that we should meet. Which I'd like to, although I don't think I'll be inviting her to our house. I don't want her seeing anything I can't.
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