What exactly is being cleared?

Atmosphere, which is a collective noun for a group of energetic components that we are all more familiar with than we might think. Part of our brains unconsciously register the atmospheric state of play every time we enter a room or building--its actually part of our innate survival mechanism. Our ability to recognise the qualities of atmosphere is usually much more evident when buying a house— a sale is often dependent on the way a place ‘feels’. But for the most part, we are expected to function despite the often challenging energetic conditions swirling about in our workplaces or homes.

What are some of the energetic components that make up an atmosphere?

An energetic component found in every building is something we call ‘atitude-nal shreds’. Atitude-nal shreds are the energetic remnants of attitudes of those—past or present—who have lived or worked in that building. Infinite lives, events and attitudes form the unique characteristics of every atmosphere in every building on this planet.
While places glowing with a light, happy, nurturing atmosphere certainly do exist, there are many more buildings that reflect life’s challenges all too well. Negative energies exist in a building because of the history of the house, the strains of past or present relationships, traumatic events, the effects of geopathic stress*, electromagnetic frequencies or sometimes--- in extreme  cases--- because of the presence of energetic beings such as ghosts, negative entities, or poltergeists.
*(For more about geopathic stress, see the ‘Clearing for Land’ page on this website)

How to tell if a building needs clearing

First, stop and concentrate as much as you can on the atmosphere of the building in question. What does it feel like? What sort of attitude does walking in the front door of this building elicit in you?
What has been the quality of your health since living or working in the space? What are your sleeping patterns like at home? Do you feel mentally, physically and emotionally better when you are on holiday than in your own home or workplace? Even if you consider yourself to be a fairly systematic person, does the space feel oddly difficult to organise? The answer to these questions will probably help you decide if the space needs clearing.

About Extreme Energetic Disturbances

Dealing with extreme energetic disturbances in a home or workplace can be a particularly isolating, frightening situation. People who experience these disturbances often suffer in silence. Even when their predicament is taken seriously, most people are at a loss as to how to get rid of these negative entities and the distress they cause. Extreme energetic disturbances can often originate from former occupants or historical events in a building, but can also be caused by negative energetic conditions in the ground beneath a building.
Even these extreme conditions can be cleared from a distance, with constant phone support if necessary.

What can benefit from Space Clearing?

Quite simply, any place with an uneasy atmosphere, where occupants experience stress, illness,  
or stagnant conditions.

Space Clearing is an entirely practical process with a variety of uses:

Clearing done before a renovation or construction project can significantly smooth out the logistical chaos and unwelcome ‘surprises’ that often crop up during building work.

Commercially, Space Clearing can balance stressful working conditions, boost company morale, and give an energetic leg up to businesses needing fresh ideas, renewed creativity and focus.

To help calm the chaotic conditions of family living, Space Clearing gets rid of energetic ‘leftovers’ of past trauma, making room for positive transformation to occur.

Any organizations or facilities helping others in crisis can especially benefit by Space Clearing.
Calm and clarity become easier to access even in the most urgent conditions. The clearing work provides a more stable, grounded atmosphere to support the staff and those people who are receiving their help.

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