The Clears: Healing for People

The Clears are a series of powerful distance healings, designed to release trauma, negative energies, and out-dated beliefs. Because the work goes so deep, is done on a daily basis to gradually release these blockages in emotionally manageable amounts. Because this process is gradual, it is possible to let go of enormous amounts of trauma, resistance and negative energy while feeling protected and safe.

There are three types of Clear: Customised, Clair-Clears and Foundational.

Customised Clears are uniquely designed to address your own particular circumstances and healing. Together–either by email or on Skype–we will outline the issue you are facing, and then a Clear will be formulated especially for your situation.  U.K.£270.00

Clair-Clears are designed specifically for those who want to further develop their intuitive skills. They work on clearing those blockages and negative beliefs curtailing our innate intuitive and psychic abilities.
Certainly all of these abilities require further practice and study, but these Clears allow you faster and easier access, which, with your intention, will lead to the greater development of these skills.  U.K. £220.00 The six Clair-Clears include:

The Opening to My Intuition Clear (for those new to energy work)

The Clairsentience Clear (sensing and feeling)

The Clairaudience Clear (audial perception)

The Clairvoyance Clear (mind’s eye vision)

The Claircognisance Clear (inner knowing)

The Lucid Dreaming Clear (consciousness while dreaming)

Foundational Clears deal with the blockages, negative beliefs and trauma associated with issues affecting many of us. U.K. £220.00
The Foundational Clears include:

The “I Can’t!” Clear addresses what we erroneously perceive as our ‘limits’.  These pernicious negative beliefs come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually described with the words “I Can’t”. Well… what if you could? Hmm?

The Speaking My Truth Clear was originally designed for the energetic and emotional blocks experienced by singers, but also works beautifully for those who have difficulty speaking up in their workplace, family or daily lives.

The Balanced Giving Clear is for those who feel that they give beyond the point of depletion. It helps to identify how much to give to ourselves so that we can gladly help others. Conversely, for those who feel too fearful to give, it helps to clarify what we receive when giving to others.

The Balanced Receiving Clear Some people have difficulty receiving. Receiving help, receiving joy, receiving love, etc ...on the other hand, some go to any lengths to out-receive the next person! Either way, when our perceptions about receiving are out of whack,
it makes life loads messier and sadder than it needs to be. This Clear helps to recognise those issues that cause us to veer sharply in either direction.

The Creativity Clear Your creativity may be hibernating, but somewhere in there it is just as gorgeous, astonishing and magical as it always was. This Clear deals with those tedious beliefs that weigh down our dreams. Time to stir that pot of ideas and vision!

Allowing and Deserving Prosperity Clear Money, or the lack of it, is often closely aligned with the mistaken belief that we deserve to struggle more than we deserve prosperity. This Clear unblocks the path for much happier possibilities to manifest.

The Sexual Wholeness Clear The trauma of sexual abuse merely  surrounds our sexual energy, which, believe it or not, remains in its perfect state. Often, sex abuse has only a small effect on sexual behaviours, but is a massive contributor of self-doubt, control issues, rage and guilt. This Clear begins the process of gently separating our sexual energy from the low-frequency damage surrounding it.

The Capacity For Self-Healing Clear addresses the beliefs that keep us feeling powerless in the face of a medical diagnosis, prognosis, illness or injury. It helps us to examine our prevailing attitudes, and reminds us that every single one of us has infinitely more power and healing ability than we can ever imagine.

The Capacity For Joy & Positive Thought. Negative thinking is a learned habit. This Clear reminds us that we have the power to re-frame any situation the way we prefer. When we change the lens through which we look at the world, we change our world!

Receiving The Clears
The healing process of the Clears is quite special and something you may have not experienced before: during the daily Clearing, you may feel your energy shifting, but usually in a subtle, indefinable way. When the daily Clearing has finished, the healing goes even deeper, continuing for days, weeks or even a month or two, until the day you realise that those old fears, those old beliefs and the old ways of dealing with them no longer exist. You simply do not feel the same way about the issues you have worked on to clear. In their place, new perspectives begin to form, putting you in a position to create much more preferable and exciting options for yourself! :-)
The duration of each Clear varies widely from person to person—usually anywhere from 10 to 25 days. I will give you an estimate of how long it will take before we begin. I will need your full name and address in order to direct the work to you .

The work can begin once the fee has been received. All payments to be in U.K. British pounds, payable by PayPal (please add an additional £5.00) or by bank transfer. If you prefer to transfer, I will send you those details in a separate email.

Again, if you’ve any questions, please feel free to contact me at     

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